HASbags started quite by accident. I was looking for a reusable way to wrap some gifts. I made some bags out of denim that folks could also use as totes and grocery bags. Folks liked them and wanted to get more...

The next step of the evolution happened when I couldn't figure out how to re-fold a purchased shopping bag. I designed an easily fold-able tote and had someone I knew in Thailand start producing them for me.

About the time things started up, the economy went south and the company I was working at "Ceased Business Operations"... time for a change.

One of the early shopping bags..

HASbags Folding Tote

HASbags Folding Tote


Once I started selling at farmers' markets and small fairs I was educated by the more experienced vendors that I needed to keep my valuables on me during a market. Theft happened from time to time.. I wasn't a fan of "fanny packs" so I designed a bag I could wear that I found attractive.. The other vendors purchased the first 6 before I was able to keep one for myself. They are called Flip Bags. I wanted a number of pockets and love beautiful fabrics.. I combined leather for structure with fabrics to make the bags.. I was able to obtain great fabrics from a wonderful organization that collects and distributes discontinued samples from the San Francisco Design Center to pair with the leathers.


Flip Bag

The more I worked with leather the more I loved it..

Then I discovered lasers at Tech Shop... this is where there should be a chorus of angels...

Etched Messenger Bag

Etched Messenger Bag

I now work happily out of my home.. The business has taken over more of my home than I would like it to, but I try to keep it contained. I sell my work at craft fairs and farmers' markets and have a part-time day job to keep the lights on and the mortgage paid.