Rainy day sewing

The rain seems to come in on weekends so I'm spending my time sewing as much as I can before I start going back to the Campbell and California Avenue (Palo Alto) farmers' markets.

I'm usually not too far from home, so if there is something you are looking for you can always email and we can meet up.

I'm also trying to figure out which craft fairs and festivals to apply for this year. I think I may switch things up and try some new venues. If you have suggestions, please send them along. I like staying in the bay area since my dog is getting old and likes me home at night :)

sewing as fast as I can...

In the home stretch before my long winter nap.. Lots of ideas floating around my head for next season.. I just need to get another 10-20 flip bags sewn in the next 2 weeks. I am still surprised at the popularity of my first design. I had no idea what I was doing back then..

I found some great fabrics in New York and will have some fun bags for spring and summer.. Hard to think that far ahead now.. back to the workroom.

Can't believe that Flip Bags are still as popular as ever.

When I started out selling folding shopping totes at famers' markets I designed a purse that would function as a fanny pack but NOT be one. Something I could wear comfortably and keep my valuables safe.. I sold half a dozen before I was able to keep one for myself and the popularity continues. While the sewing techniques and hardware have improved, the basic form remain the same. This weekend I had my eye on one that I had hoped to keep for myself.. and it sold, so the day after a grueling weekend I'm back at my work bench and I'm finally making one just for me.

Time to get back to work..

Going to Napa tomorrow to buy my spring leathers. Though I sell more browns and black, the "candy colors" are always fun to play with in spring. Wendy bags lend themselves to bright colors and the laser etching shows nicely on the lighter colors. I'm also experimenting with some fun cut-out techniques. Not sure when they will be ready to show, but I think I'm getting close.

Not good at blogging

As with taking photos of products, I'm not great at talking about my work. I had hoped to be better.

Lots of new designs this year, still working out the kinks on a couple more. I'm trying to plan out my schedule for 2015 to add some new venues and stop going to some of the past ones.

I hope that the California Avenue conctruction ends sometime soon and that the market manager makes the craft area a bit more central than it has been.

Looking for new venues

I think it is time to expand my horizons. The folks who put on the Santa Clara Art and Wine couldn't be nicer, but sales weren't what I was hoping for. I need to both find new venues and expand my online activities.
I'm already starting to plan for 2015. Odd to think about with the trees still green and the fall/holiday shows in front of me.

Trying a new market..

Since the California Avenue market was expanded another block further from the craftspeople, foot traffic has fallen significantly. I think it is time for me to try the Campbell Farmers' market.

This is sad because I'll miss seeing my friends and neighbors on Sundays, but it just doesn't make any sense to continue trying to make a living when there aren't any folks to see my work.

Starting June 15, I'm going to try to be at the Campbell Farmers market on Sunday mornings and also work to get into the San Mateo market on Saturdays. I'll try to go back to Palo Alto once every 4-6 weeks.

a new year of possibilities..

Starting the year with a clean, re-organized workroom and a new sketchbook. I still need to wait for my hands to recover a bit from last year, but I'm anxious to get started on some new designs.

I got requests last year for backpacks. I also got requests for fanny packs, but those will never happen. I've been working on designs for backpacks, but would appreciate feedback on just how large a backpack people want.

I'm working on belt ideas as well that will combine laser work and pewter thread.

Time for a nap

It's been a busy year balancing a "day job" and my real job.

Finished the last farmers' market for the year this afternoon. Now it is time to clean the workroom, figure out what I have in stock, make a leather run up to Napa and start working on some new designs for 2014.


Now that was hard..

Getting this domain linked to my old Yahoo site was quite the chore. It took the help of a dear friend, almost 2 hours of background music and 2 yahoo tech support people- when the calls would actually end at a person. I hope all of the technical stuff is now in order and I can just work on making this a great site.

My goal is to have a section in place with fabrics, trims and leathers that I have in stock for you to design your own bags. As I find my "treasures" I'll be holding them aside for this purpose. I will also have my available inventory listed for you to see what I've created.


Stop by and visit often. Comments are appreciated.


better late than never

I'm finally getting around to setting up a "real" website for my business. Seemed to be too busy sewing and doing fairs and markets all year. It is very rough right now, but I plan on spending more time on it during the winter months.